How my Social Media Friends are Ruining my Life

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Hello, My Name is Megan Jane and I Suffer From OCD. No, my DVD’s are not alphabetized and I don’t turn my door knob three times. I am referring to “Obsessive Comparison Disorder“, which is becoming an epidemic across my social-media crazed generation. Previous generations have suffered from milder versions of this condition, with symptoms spiking during high school reunions and large family gatherings. In 2014, through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat – and whichever new platform came out while I wrote this blog – we are subjected to a daily battery of everyone else’s happy moments. I have listed some of the usual online announcements that cause an acute flare up of my OCD symptoms.

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How to Employ a Millennial

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Are we really just an over-entitled, over-indulged generation with a taste for technology and no work ethic? A group of self-righteous kids with impressively useless degrees?  I would like to say no. Are we different than the generations that came before us? Of course. The infamous Millennial generation is in full force in the workplace. We range from 18 to mid 30’s and, despite the common misconception, we are not all snap-chatting our breakfast and taking selfies. We are capable of a great many things with the right motivation.

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Being a Writer in a World That Doesn’t Read

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Well, I suppose the modern day version of a non-fiction writer is an internet blogger – especially considering my millennial label. Since I grew up an avid reader and writer, I have always found some comfort and release in both. When seriously contemplating being a writer (meaning published, as anyone can “write”) I started to wonder whether it would actually be worth it? I mean, do people even read anymore?

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