Before I turn 30, I will…

56050422As I grow closer to my dirty thirties, I have started to realize that there are many “life goals” that have time limits. I have put off learning and exploring so many things due to lack of time, lack of money, etc. I have decided to make some concrete goals and stick with them. And, if I put it on the internet…I have to do it.

1. Learn to drive a manual car like a boss. – I made the first steps towards this achievement by selling my automatic car and purchasing a manual BMW 330Ci. It has been 5 days. My stick-shift driving is nowhere near boss-status. I can’t tell if my car is leaking oil, or if it’s just my clutch/transmission crying every night on the driveway. There are a few hills on my way to work that are absolutely terrifying. Driving has become an adventure instead of a mundane Point-A-to-Point-B commute. But, every trip is another chance to practice, and sooner or later I will be checking this one off the to-do list.

2. Learn to play soccer, on a real team. – I signed up for a rec-league this spring, after turning down many opportunities out of fear. I love watching soccer, reading about soccer, and following everything futball. However, I have never had the coordination or skill to play myself. The last time I played a game, I was 11. I am looking forward to getting fit, and hopefully scoring a goal! Right now my skills are pretty much on the same level as my stick-shift driving.

3. Travel to five new cities. – When most older folks look back, they regret not traveling more when they were young. Flights are pricey these days and entry level jobs don’t exactly provide the disposable income needed to jet-set around the world. But, over the next 2 years, I will have 20 vacation days that I am going to put to good use. I am not sure if they will be local or international destinations, but it’s time to fly.

4. Learn another language. – I have put minor efforts into learning French and Hebrew over the last year. Before the big three-O, I plan to invest my time and money into Rosetta Stone and put real effort into another language. I have tried to learn others before, but always get lazy/bored/busy with other things. With a $200+ investment, I feel that I can cure myself of these procrastination problems.

5. Write. Paint. Create. – These things make me extremely happy. Which makes me wonder why I neglect them. I previously made a goal to write a blog post each month, and I didn’t stick with it. I need to make time for myself and my interests. I think it is hard to invest time into something without money or instant gratification attached to it. Creating has always been great for my mind and soul, I vouch that I will set aside a few hours each week to this.

Wish me luck. I need to get’er done by 7-5-2017. The clock starts now.

One thought on “Before I turn 30, I will…

  1. Good Morning Megan I’ve been struggling for two years to complete a book about goal-setting. Your mom has given me some insights that were very helpful. Some people take a very narrow view on “results-oriented goals / measurable outcomes” However, most enjoy the experiences. For example–a trip to South Africa to see the wild animals or to India to see the Taj are incredible but not truly measurable. A scary thing often happens right after we have achieved a goal–first euphoria then a let down until we figure out what is next. Good Luck in your search for what is truly important to you personally.Your HH uncle Irwin

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