Replacing Driving Music with Podcasts Has Changed My Life

Turbo also enjoys the podcasts en route to the office.

Like most Atlantans, I have quite the schlep to work. Maybe it’s due to our Un-rapid transit system, the 1 million people moving here in the last decade, or let’s just blame #UrbanSprawl.  I am fortunate to be traveling against traffic, but it’s still a good 45-50min drive, twice daily.

I have always listened to music on the way into work, but after some motivation from my Marketing Coordinator (now promoted to Marketing Specialist… because she is awesome) I tried a podcast during one morning commute. And as cliché as it sounds, it really was life changing.

I arrived at work with my wheels already turning. I was inspired by the ideas discussed in the podcast. I had a fire lit inside me from the moment
I walked in the door. Listening to brand marketers discuss trends, successes, failures and ideas was extremely motivating. A podcast was better than coffee, adderall and nootropics combined. I felt alert with a purpose.

The key message here is that of motivation. As most people with jobs, careers and businesses do, I struggle with the consistent motivation. How can I stay motivated for each day and each task, always? The answer for me is Continue reading “Replacing Driving Music with Podcasts Has Changed My Life”

How Your Relationship Can Make or Break Your Life

couple shutterstock_233925079We have all heard the horror stories of relationship gone wrong. People are attacked, abused , cheated on, essential body parts are chopped off in fits of rage… things can get pretty ugly. The effect of these larger Bravo-TV-Style moments are easy to see in your life. You lose focus on work or school. The emotional toll is obvious. They usually end in a break-up – albeit sometimes drawn out and painful.

There are other ways that relationships can alter your life path that are not as visible on the surface. There are subconscious changes that you make to your career, lifestyle, – even your Tuesday evening plans, that can have a lasting effect on your life. I have experienced plenty of these, as well as watched friends suffer through them.

Being in a relationship means making someone else a priority in your life. Putting another persons’ needs ahead of your own.  But, how can you make the right choices in your life, if you are putting someone else first? Ideally, your partner is making you the same priority in their lives, and things would balance out… however, the majority of our early relationships lack this symbiotic flow. Here are three major parts of your life that can be helped or hurt by your relationship:

Career: This one is huge. Being in a relationship means making the choice to stay in one city, choosing not to take that position with 40% travel time, not taking certain career risks that are only feasible when you are young. Continue reading “How Your Relationship Can Make or Break Your Life”

Before I turn 30, I will…

56050422As I grow closer to my dirty thirties, I have started to realize that there are many “life goals” that have time limits. I have put off learning and exploring so many things due to lack of time, lack of money, etc. I have decided to make some concrete goals and stick with them. And, if I put it on the internet…I have to do it.

1. Learn to drive a manual car like a boss. – I made the first steps towards this achievement by selling my automatic car and purchasing a manual BMW 330Ci. It has been 5 days. My stick-shift driving is nowhere near boss-status. I can’t tell if my car is leaking oil, or if it’s just my clutch/transmission crying every night on the driveway. There are a few hills on my way to work that are absolutely terrifying. Driving has become an adventure instead of a mundane Point-A-to-Point-B commute. But, every trip is another chance to practice, and sooner or later I will be checking this one off the to-do list. Continue reading “Before I turn 30, I will…”