“Oh, Won’t You Be My Thirty-Eight?”

Through-out my time in college, I had the pleasure of working 37 different jobs, gigs, projects and internships. I wrote this poem as it was nearly impossible to highlight my diverse array of experience in a resume! I have now translated those experiences and my marketing BBA into my career-launching number 38 at Arylessence, Inc.

I have made cardboard fruit baskets on an assembly line,
Served breakfast, lunch, dinner, and poured the wine.

I planned the grandest of openings for a Fro-Yo franchise,
Sold fuzzy animal hats with big googly eyes.

I worked in daycare with screaming toddlers in terrible-twos,
I worked in bars with screaming adults hopped up on booze. Continue reading ““Oh, Won’t You Be My Thirty-Eight?””