How Every Gas Station Could Be Like QuikTrip


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Actual bathroom at Chevron. 7320 Roswell Rd in Sandy Springs, GA.

If you have ever used a gas station bathroom, you know exactly what I am talking about. The sticky floors, toilet paper hanging from a mangled coat-hanger, no soap, cracked mirror, no paper towels, “Joanie loves Chachi” scrawled in Sharpie across the stall door. It’s a mess. A lavatory nightmare.

From what I understand, most gas stations are franchised locations  or privately owned stations with exclusive contracts with one brand of gasoline. If they are receiving any marketing assistance from these Gasoline Giants, it definitely doesn’t show. It blows my mind that large companies like Shell, Chevron, and BP will put their name on something so clearly devoid of standards. My internal marketer is crying in the corner. Continue reading “How Every Gas Station Could Be Like QuikTrip”